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Chatbots can recognize the user's intention.

To plan the intents for your chatbot, you need to consider what your customers might want to do, and what you want your application to be able to handle.

You have to plan the correct intent for a user's input in order to provide the response.

So, first identify the intents for your application, and then design the Flows you need, based on those intents.

For example, in an app for a meeting, the intent of a user can be "finding out the location of a room" or "Which conferences Mr. Smith gives."

The intents should be trained in the NLP provider so as they can be recognized with a better confidence by the Provider. The Trigger Messages property is used to add training phrases to the NLP provider for a certain intent. Besides, you can use the Chatbot Generator API, as explained in HowTo: Manage training examples using the Chatbot Generator API.

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