Chatbot Flow: Get information about any formality

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As mentioned before, this chatbot system will allow the user to get information about two different topics:

  • Social Events and
  • Any bureaucratic formalities (administrative process)

So, we define a Flow with the corresponding Trigger Messages. Note that this Flow hasn't a Conversational object defined.

Note Response message text defined; it will be triggered to ask the user to be specific on the type of information he needs.


Here, the User Input has conditions which are based on some Entities of the model. The input of the user must match any of those entities, so the dialog continues through another thread of flow.



We have to define the Flows used in each of the Redirect to flow properties (Cultural Activities news and Get administrative process Information).

In this case, a Data Provider is used as a Conversation Object. Upon executing the trigger message, the data provider is executed.

Previously, the user is asked to enter the Type of Social event he is interested in. The user's input can be validated against an entity defined in the AI workspace. 



Note that the On Error messages property uses a reference to &GXUserinput, which allows displaying the last input of the user.


The data provider returns an SDT collection, which is displayed in a web form automatically generated by the ChatBotGenerator. The Flow output is configurable and, in this case, it is shown in a form embedded in the dialog.
This is configured under the Message node, using the Show Response as property. The Web Component property indicates the object that is going to be displayed. It can be autogenerated, or generated by the user.


The conversation looks as follows:


So, the user tells which his topic of interest is, and the system provides the information to him.

Using the same principles, you can define the behavior of the chatbot for the information about administrative formalities.

In this case, note that the condition includes an entity + an Entity value; that is, the user input should match this specific value of the Enity (in the example, the entity is AdmProcessInformationType)



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