match With Entity property

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If true, the provider maps this parameter with some value of the entity.


Through this property, the User Input can be matched with an entity. The entity has to be specified in the entity property.

That guarantees that the user input will be validated against a value of the entity, by the provider. 


In the following example, the UserIdentification is a User Input which has the Match With entity property set. The Entity property determines the name of the entity that will be matched. In this case, it's called "UserUdentification".

When the final user is asked to enter the user Id, the input has to match with any value of the "UserUdentification" entity defined in the AI provider.


If the user fails to enter a valid value, the message specified in the On Error Messages property is displayed.


This property is available since GeneXus 16 (Tero).


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