HowTo: Working with Merge Mode in GeneXus Server

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This document explains the steps necessary to start working with GeneXus Server, using the Merge Mode, and the operations that the Developer must know in order to interact with the rest of the team. 

Step by step

1) Connecting to a GeneXus Server

A Knowledge Base can be connected to GeneXus Server in two ways.

  1. If the Knowledge Base is already hosted on a GeneXus Server, by using the Create Knowledge Base from GXserver operation. 
  2. In the other hand, is not hosted on a GeneXus Server the Send Knowledge Base to GeneXus Server operation must be performed. When this action is being performed the Developer will be able of choosing to use either the Merge Mode or the Lock Mode.

Note: The Merge Mode is selected by default .

Once your Knowledge Base is connected to a GeneXus Server instance, the Team Development node will be displayed. This node will display all the information regarding the GeneXus Server instance to which the Knowledge Base is connected to.

2) Making changes

Once the Knowledge Base is connected to GeneXus Server the Developer can start working in the Knowledge Base.

When creating an object or making changes to an existing one, GeneXus will automatically add them to the Pending Commit list. 

3) Committing Changes

Once the Developer's work is ready to be shared with the rest of the team, a Commit to GeneXus Server operation must be executed. 

4) Updating Changes

At some point, changes made by the rest of the team will be published and available for Update. Those objects are said to be Pending for Update.
To update objects, a Update From GeneXus Server operation must be performed.

When two developers make changes to the same object a Merge or Conflict will happen. Please refer to Merge Mode in GeneXus Server for further information.