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GeneXus Server Roles and Permissions

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In GeneXus Server Secure Instances, Users, Roles, and Permissions can be defined. Each GXserver has a Default Role; Users that have no Role assigned, take the default role. There are some Roles that are defined during the installation, but also new Roles can be defined. Each User may have different Roles, and each Role one or more of the Permissions stated below. There are Permissions that apply to the whole Server and others that apply to a specific KB.

Default Permissions and Roles

  Server ManageSecurity Server ManageUserControls Server ManageExtensibility Server ManagePatterns Server Publish KB View KB Update KB Commit KB ViewDocumentation KB EditDocumentation KB ManageSecurity KB ManageVersions KB Delete
Admin X X X X X X X X X X X X X
KB Admin           X X X X X X X X
KB User         X X X X X X      
Server Guest         X                

Permissions definition

Server Permissions

<caption> </caption>

ManageSecurity  Allows to manage Permissions and Roles of all users. Also allows to manage the GeneXus Server license.
ManageUserControls Allows to install or uninstall User Controls.
ManageExtensibility Allows to install or uninstall Extensions (no UI available yet).
ManagePatterns  Allows to install or uninstall Patterns (no UI available yet).
Publish Allows to Send a KB to the Server. KBAdmin role is assigned to the User that sends it.

 Knowledge Base Permissions

<caption> </caption>

  As of GeneXus X Evolution 1 As of GeneXus X Evolution 2 As of GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 5
View  Allows viewing the KB.  - -
Update Allows to do a Checkout (Create KB from Server) and get Updates of the KB. - -
Commit  Allows to Commit changes to the KB.  - -
ViewDocumentation  Allows viewing the Documentation of the KB using the Web UI.  - -
EditDocumentation Allows editing the Documentation of the KB using the Web UI. - -
ManageSecurity Allows managing Permissions and Roles of all users of the KB. - Allows to manage the Team Collaboration Mode Property
ManageVersions  Allows managing KB Versions using the Web UI - -
Delete  Allows deleting a KB using the Web UI. (It just removes it from the KB Catalog). - -
ManageLocks Not Available Allows to manage Object Locks Allows managing the Team Collaboration Mode Property

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