This document refers to an older version. GeneXus 16 is our latest version; check the latest one here.


GeoLocationAPI external object

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This API enables users to provide several Location Services on their Smart Devices Applications by interacting with the GPS on the device where the app is running.

The scenarios that this API resolves are described in the following document. To enable the use of this API many methods, such as GetMyLocation, GetLatitude, GetAddress, etc have been defined and also a new Structure Data Type has been defined, the GeoLocationInfo.


  • AuthorizationStatus
    • Returns the current authorization status. This can be useful when you are using an API that requires a higher authorization level that the one the user gave. We can warn the user and ask him to go to the settings and add the necessary permission if he currently has a minor permission (WhenInUse or Denied).


*Methods marked with an asterisk only work on the device.


  • In iOS the Tracking and Proximity Alerts methods need permissions to work in background mode. In order to allow the GeoLocation API to be working in background (when the application is closed or the device locked), the string "App registers for location updates" should be added to the Required Backgroung modes in the info .plist file.



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Proximity Alerts methods are only available for iOS since GeneXus X Evolution 3 RC (codename: Tilo).