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GeneXus Server Installation Manual

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To install GeneXus Server X Evolution 3, follow this steps:

Note: Setup needs Administrator rights to execute.

Installing GeneXus Server

Follow the steps described in GeneXus Server Installation Process.

Note1: When GeneXus Server is configured to use a remote Microsoft SQL Server instance the Microsoft SQL Server Command Line Utilities must be installed on the physical server. Otherwise, an error will be displayed:
GeneXus Server: BCP utility not found. Please install 'Microsoft SQL Server Command Line Utilities.'
See SAC 28443 for further information.

Note2: Internal server error 500 occurs when GXserver returns an exception, in order to get more information about the error please enable the "Detailed Errors" in the IIS Management Console where the GeneXus Server is installed (please follow the steps described in "500 - Internal server error." at GeneXus Server Common Issues). 

GeneXus Server Activation

If GeneXus Server is installed for the first time, it must be Authorized. In GeneXus Server License section you will find the required steps to activate GeneXus Server

Setting up what Knowledge Bases to serve

To host Knowledge Bases in GeneXus Server you can use any of the following procedures:

Check the Team Development with GeneXus Server article for details on developing applications using GeneXus Server.