UI Test for Smart Devices Automation

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UI testing of Smart Devices Applications is now available using native GeneXus programming, by using a specific object in GeneXus IDE: the UI Test for Smart Devices object 


This Object is a special GeneXus Procedure with the ability of controlling the device, by using methods of an External Object. Many user interface actions are available, like tapping on controls or typing in different controls to input values, checking text on panels and values in controls (variables/ attributes), etc.

For example:


The variable named &app is autogenerated and provides the automation capabilities over the target device. It is based on the UITestSD External Object.


The UITestSD external object, is responsible for implementing the adaptation layer over the device. It has several methods for actions and verifications, to be done in the UI Test.


The following property must be set in order to build and run this type of objects:

  •  Test Target property of the UI Test for Smart Devices object. It indicates the main object of the SD application to be tested. In the example: "MainSD"

Build & Run the UI Test





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