Compatibility for GeneXus Server Licenses

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Licensing Components

Every GeneXus Server installation verifies the existence of a valid product license using a Protect.dll file that is on its C:\<GeneXus Server Installation Path>\VDir\Bin. Even when different installations may be sharing the same single product license, they all rely on common software licensing components and so it is necessary that they all use the latest version of the Protect.dll file.

To ensure that all GeneXus Server installations will properly validate their product license, after installing any version of GeneXus Server, the Protect.dll from the higher version installation (located at C:\<GeneXus Server Installation Path>\VDir\Bin\Protect.dll) must be copied to the respective VDir\Bin folder of all other installations on the same machine.

For example, if we consider the following GeneXus Server installations:

   |-- GeneXus Server
   |     |
   |     |-- XEvo2
   |     |
   |     |-- XEvo3

When a new GeneXus Server 15 at "C:\GeneXus Server\v15" is installed later, the Protect.dll files of older instances must be updated by typing the following command in the command prompt:

  C:\> cd "C:\GeneXus Server\v15\VDir\Bin"

  C:\GeneXus Server\v15\VDir\Bin> copy Protect.dll "C:\GeneXus Server\XEvo2\VDir\Bin" /y
          1 file(s) copied.

  C:\GeneXus Server\v15\VDir\Bin> copy Protect.dll "C:\GeneXus Server\XEvo3\VDir\Bin" /y
          1 file(s) copied.

License authorization

As from version 15, GeneXus Server uses a new licensing scheme based on the maximum number of users that may be registered to use it. Due to this change in the licensing scheme, the license for GeneXus Server 15 and the one used for prior versions are installed and authorized as separate product licenses. Each GeneXus Server product acquired grants two license credits: one for the product license used by GeneXus Server version 15, and another one for the product license required for the installation of previous versions.

For instance, when purchasing a GeneXus Server Premium (20 users), the user is allowed to authorize a license for GeneXus Server 15 (in this case allowing up to 20 users), in addition to authorizing a separate license for instances on previous versions. If the license for previous versions was already authorized no uninstall or modification will be needed on it: previous versions will continue using the initial license, and the user will only need to request a separate license for GeneXus Server 15.

Please refer to GeneXus Server License for information on how to request and authorize the product license for GeneXus Server 15.

For information on license compatibility related to the product license used by previous versions of GeneXus Server, please refer to Compatibility for GeneXus Server Licenses.

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