Continuous integration with Jenkins

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Typical CI in Jenkins can be done using GeneXus Jenkins Plugin, for update and Build the KB (step 1 and 2), plus adding MSBuild Tasks to run Unit tests.



You should design the pipeline based on your needs but the first three steps are mandatory in order to have a successful and efficient process. 


1a - Update Knowledge Base: 
The first step on your pipeline must be the control version. This means that Jenkins brings the last version committed to your GXServer.

1b- Build All: 
Then, Jenkins will need to build the knowledge base so that you can make sure it works fine. 


This example shows an update (every 15 mins) and build all process using a public example.

Run Unit Tests: 
After building your project, it’s important to run the unit tests in order to check that every unit of the Knowledge Base is working as expected. 

Running unit tests using MSBuild tasks documentation