Recording UI Tests

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UI Test automation is majorly crafted using a recorder.

GXtest provides a Chrome Extension with recording, editing and playback capabilities of UI Test objects, that could be downloaded from Chrome Web Store.


Open the webpage you want to start recording, and then press the Chrome Extension icon to open the recorder.

You can start recording using the record button:


Once you start navigating on the recorder tab, GXtest Recorder will be capturing and adding different commands to your recording. 

You can always add test validations (like checking some control's text or value) by using the Chrome context menu by right-clicking elements on the web page:


Once you've ended your test case recording, you can: 

1- Replay your test to debug your flow. 
This is the first action that you usually want to take in order to validate that the sequence of commands recorded is doing what you want.

2- Edit, order, remove or add commands.
You can always modify the flow of your tests using the recorder, and also backup or load previous recordings. 

3- Download the test case using GeneXus code to create a UI Test inside GeneXus IDE.
To bring the UI test to GeneXus IDE, transforming the recording into a KB test object. 


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