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GXtest Recorder is a Chrome extension designed to facilitate the recording, editing and playback of UI tests using GXtest.


GXtest Recorder can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

Basic usage

Once you start navigating on the recorder tab, GXtest Recorder will be capturing and adding different commands to your recording. 

To start recording, simply press the record/stop button, it should turn red to indicate the recording has started. 

After that, just return to your browsing window and the recorder will record your actions. Once you are done the workflow, press the record/stop button to stop the recording.

Add assertions

During the recording, you can always add test validations (like checking some control's text or value) by using the Chrome context menu by right-clicking elements on the web page.


Editing recording

After recording, you can always modify the flow of your tests using the recorder. To open the command action menu, right-click on any command.

Add command

To add a command, select ‘Add command’ in the command action menu. Note the command will be added after the current selected one.

Edit command

To edit any command, left-click it and updates its values in the command editor below.

The target and value fields type or requirement will be dependent on the command selected.

In case the command accepts a selector as a target, you can use the ‘Select’ button and selecting the element on the web page, to get its selectors automatically.

The find button will highlight the current target element on the webpage.

Delete command

To delete a command, click ‘Delete command’ on the command action menu.

Reorder commands

To update a command order you can click and drag the command to the selected position.


This is the first action that you usually want to take in order to validate that the sequence of commands recorded is doing what you want.

If you want to debug the recording, a breakpoint can be added clicking ‘Toggle breakpoint’ in the desired command action menu.


Each playback will generate a log containing detailed information about the run with the option to be saved.


Save/open recording

It is possible backup or load previous recordings. You can save your recording by clicking the save button, to later open it by clicking .



Exporting to GXtest

To bring the UI test to GeneXus IDE, transforming the recording into a KB test object.  To create UI Test inside GeneXus IDE,  download the test case using GeneXus code just click the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button. A file containing the exported test will be downloaded, ready to be loaded in the GeneXus IDE.



Known limitations 

Due to technical limitation, the recording of autocomplete fields is currently not supported. In case you need to record an action on an autocomplete field, it is advisable to first empty the field and then do the action.



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