Saucelabs GXtest

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Since GXtest is Remote WebDriver compatible, running UI tests on the cloud using Saucelabs or any similar service is easy. You will just need a Saucelabs account (user and aceesKey). 

Once you have it, replace them properly on the following code example:

//Run on the cloud, on any browser / device / PC  (saucelabs)
&driver.AddCapability("browserName", "MicrosoftEdge")
&driver.AddCapability("platform", "Windows 10")
&driver.AddCapability("version", "16.16299")

This example will launch your test using Windows 10 and Edge v16. 

You can change plaftorm, browser and version using Saucelabs Platform Configurator.

Using Saucelabs you will be able to:

  • Run tests over thousands of browser / platform combination sets
  • Scale and run tests in paralell
  • Forgeting about provisioning browser / OS
  • Video recording and test dashboard.