GXtest 4 Installation

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GXtest 4 is a set of tools for test automation, that is IDE-compatible in GeneXus 15 versions and upper, and included automatically inside GeneXus 16. 

We always recommend to work with latest GXtest release version on top of your default one. 

To install GXtest 4 capabilities on GeneXus IDE you can: 

Install it manually (3 steps)

  1. Download GXtest version you want to install (ie: for GeneXus 16 you can use: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/abstracta/GXTest/master/GXTest16.zip)
  2. Extract all the files over your GeneXus IDE installation (ie:  C:\Program Files (x86)\GeneXus\GeneXus16)
  3. Run genexus.exe using /install parameter from your command line, to let GeneXus install GXtest extension. 

Or using Ansible (alternative)

If you want to automate installation of GXtest and have a little experience over Ansible, you can download and use this playbook:


command line should look like this: 
> ansible-playbook -i hostmachinefile install_gxtest_gx16.yaml

Installing GXtest Recorder (for Google Chrome)

GXtest v4 recorder works on latest Chrome browsers, and allows to record and playback user actions in any GeneXus web app (from GeneXus 8 and newer versions)

To install GXtest recorder, please visit official Google Chrome store: