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The table below describes the main changes made to GXtest for GeneXus 17 upgrades.

GXtest Beta

Date: By night-build.
Version: 4.17.3.X
Release: GeneXus 17 - Beta Channel
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What's new.
  • WIP: Create Unit Test for REST objects


GXtest for GeneXus 17 Upgrade 2

Date: February 24th, 2021.
Release: GeneXus 17 upgrade 2
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What's new.


  • Negative values generated by the CUTFO feature were wrong (lower than the lowest one allowed)
  • Running web UI Tests on Edge Chromium for java environments is now supported
  • Alert commands were malfunctioning where there was more than an alert in a test execution

GXtest for GeneXus 17 Upgrade 1

Date: December  18th, 2020.
Release: GeneXus 17 upgrade 1
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What's new.
  • Added commands by control name for tables: GXtest UI Commands by control name in grids
  • Added command GetMessages for retrieving messages and error viewers displayed on webpages.
  • Added command DoubleClick by control name.
  • Added support for combined keyStrokes using SendKeys and KeysBy commands. The separator is |  
  • Changed assertion comparer diff control


  • Fixed show android results in Test Results window when the test is inside a module.
  • RunTestsList MSBuild task was not using KB properties when JSON execution file had ScreenshotMode, HtmlMode, and/or Browser not defined
  • Test execution was being marked as successful in some cases that should not.
  • Clean Results button in the Test Results window was not working as expected (it needed 2 clicks to clean all results)

GXtest for GeneXus 17

Date: October 20th, 2020 
Release: GeneXus 17
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What's new.
  • New commands by control name available
  • Added support for new Edge browser (only Net & Net Core envs)
  • Added new Test -> Web environment properties: Screenshot mode and HTML mode
  • Added new command: SetWindowSize
  • Changed test objects' names and descriptions
  • Android test results are shown in the Test Results window now
  • Saved page HTML for failing commands
  • Improvements in MSBuild tasks for running tests
  • After running tests from GX IDE, the first test is auto-selected to show its commands & assertions detail.


  • Fixed web UI Tests running on Firefox going to slow in NetCore envs
  • Improved frame detection on SwitchFrame command
  • AddCapability command with "boolean" values not working
  • Edge Legacy compatibility issues were fixed
  • Fixed ClickBy commands on Firefox
  • Fixed SwitchWindow and CloseWindows commands
  • Added retry mechanism to avoid failing commands occasionally
  • Fixed mocking when reading Date & DateTime types from JSON file
  • Fixed error when running a test before had made an environment build