Changelog GXtest

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The table below describes the main changes made to GXtest.

GXtest Beta

Date: By night-build.
Version: 4.7.X.Y
Release: GeneXus 16 - Beta Channel
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What's new.
  • Take screenshot when UI Test Web command fails.
  • UI Commands bugfixes
  • Added support for running web UI tests for Java versions > 8.
  • Added support for running web UI tests in Microsoft Edge 18 (HTML).

GXtest for GeneXus 16 Upgrade 6

Date: November 30
Release: GeneXus 16 - Upgrade 6 Preview

What's new.
  • Added WA in CUTFO feature for nested SDT fields parameters.
  • Unit test and Data Provider generated code is commented if an error occurs when auto-generating unit tests.
  • Added category "Test" in new object window.
  • SD UI Test object added. 
  • Run SD test from IDE and see it's results.
  • Rebuild All Tests menu option.
  • Test Coverage. See documentation

GXtest for GeneXus 16 Upgrade 5

Date: August 21.
Release: GeneXus 16 - Upgrade 5

What's new.
  • Export test execution results to HTML document from Test Results window
  • Changed GXtest versioning. See this page for more information.
  • Fix runtestslist task from the execution data file
  • Added output "GXtest" in GX IDE for GXtest logs
  • Fix CUTFO(*) for domain & attribute parameters. Moved Data sets count to KB property instead of an input box.
  • Several fixes in CUTFO(*).
  • UI fixes and text's translations.
  • Improved CUTFO(*) feature generating multiple data sets for each generated test.
  • Fix license checking error

(*CUTFO refers to "Create Unit Test For Object" feature.