GeneXus Lifecycle

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This article states the life cycle for each GeneXus version and its upgrades and the policy behind it.

The life cycle applies to GeneXus (and the Generators included in its setup), GXserver, GXflow, and GXtest products, on every edition except those for Trial or Learning.


This applies to the above-mentioned products since version 15. See below for previous versions.


Support End: Final date for updates. Starting from this date no more hotfixes will be provided for that version and upgrade.
Support Terminated - Final date for any support. Starting from this date no support of any kind will be provided for that version and upgrade.                

General Policy

For each version and upgrade released for a given region, the 'Support End' date is reached 5 years after its release date. This is valid for all components except the Native Mobile Generator, for which the 'Support End' date is reached 2 years after its release date.
For each version and upgrade released in a region, the 'Support Terminated' date is reached 3 years after the 'Support End' date.

This table details the release date of every version and upgrade in different regions along with their respective 'Support End' and 'Support Terminated' dates since GeneXus 15.
Previous versions of these products (eg.: GeneXus 9.0, GeneXus X Evolution 3) have already reached their end of life, that is to say, their 'Support terminated' stage, as detailed here.

Access to hotfixes and Q&A is always restricted to Clients with up-to-date contracts that include a support service.  

Unless stated otherwise in the contract, the Standard Support Service for any version or upgrade includes (up to its 'Support End' date):                    

After 'Support End' date and up to 'Support terminated' date, the Standard Support Service:                    

Premium or Custom Support agreements extend the standard support service by adding:             

  • additional delivery of features requested by Client
  • extended support service for up to additional 5 years
  • etc                    

For Premium or Custom Support agreements please contact your sales representative.

This is a complete list of resources, included the ones for self-help valid even after 'Support Terminated'.               
(***) Special conditions include (not exclusively):

  • The client needs it for a system that is in production and no workaround is available                    
  • Development of the hotfix is feasible                    
  • The hotfix is safe-enough as determined by GeneXus
  • The hotfix will be applied to the system and delivered to the production environment

Special conditions explicitly do not include delivery of

  • New features
  • Updates that change software requirements or add support to new technologies
  • Updates that allow distribution of apps with new requirements of marketplaces like Google Play or Apple Store