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Application documentation is an important part of your Knowledge Base. Development documents range from application requirements to developer-to-developer notes, to-do lists, etc. GeneXus provides a Wiki-style Documentation editor and repository. Wiki-style documentation has been adopted and is used by the IT community worldwide.

Documents are edited with an (almost) WYSIWYG editor. They can include links to other documents, attributes, objects, etc. in your Knowledge Base. Files can also be stored in the Knowledge Base as part of your documentation.


You can include a link to an object, like in the following example, with the 'Attraction' transaction:

Document Main with a link to the Attraction trn

When you follow the link, it will open a new Documentation tab, which is now related to the transaction documentation, and can even be opened through the Open Transaction: Attraction link (for example to look at its structure before documenting):

Following the Attraction link from the Main Document

To return to the Documentation editor window, all you have to do is choose the Documentation selector of the transaction. The finished documentation is shown below:

Attraction Documentation

In the same way, documentation included in a GeneXus Knowledge Base may be useful for people who do not have GeneXus but have access to a Wiki-style website. End users, people who specialize in customizing software after installation and programmers who do not have the Knowledge Base at hand are just a few examples of the people who may find it useful. GeneXus lets you easily publish your KB documentation in a Wiki-style website, making it accessible to everyone inside and outside your organization. See Synchronize Documentation.

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