HowTo:Generate trace of GAM Deploy Tool

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In order to get the database access trace generated by the Deploy Tool, just do what follows:

1. Edit the GAMDeploy.client.exe.config file under the folder <GAM Deploy Tool Installation>\Library\GAM\Platforms

2. Change the following line:

<log4net  threshold="OFF">

to the following:

<log4net  threshold="ALL">

3.  After running the gam deploy tool, you will get the log under the folder:

<GAM Deploy Tool Installation>\Resources\Platforms\<NETdbms>

For example, if the DBMS is SQL Server, the location of the client.log file is 
<GAM Deploy Tool Installation>\Resources\Platforms\NetSQL

Note: The GAM deploy tool generates another trace under the Temp directory of the user (User\AppData\Local\Temp), which has different information useful for troubleshooting.

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