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Because we live in a world with constant technological changes, GeneXus SA is committed to keeping up with the pace of evolution, which implies releasing new versions, generators, products, etc.

For this reason, we have designed a preview channel to which you can subscribe just by downloading the latest available Upgrade Preview.

The preview is available in the Download Center for any customers who have a valid web user ID. You are able to interact with GeneXus's support team by email (for ex. in order to send your feedback regarding tested issues.

This testing process is crucial for the quality of the GeneXus product upgrades and new versions, as it implies having implementations reviewed and tested by actual users.

Our objective is to encourage our clients to actively participate in the testing process of our upgrades.


Only GeneXus customers who have a web user ID of the technical site ( can subscribe to the Preview Channel. Preview versions are not official, publicly released versions. They are given under confidentiality rules and the following special conditions:

The objective is to share fixes and new functionalities with you and allow you to use them, as well as receive your comments, suggestions and/or criticism.  Versions in this stage cannot be used for production purposes under any circumstances.

GeneXus SA reserves the right to change or remove functionalities for the final version or during the Preview Test stage.

This agreement is confidential and you are not authorized to show this product version to third parties without the written authorization of GeneXus SA.

To use any product version during the preview stage will be construed as your acceptance of the above conditions.

Error reports must refer to problems found in this preview that did not appear in the previous version. For any other queries and/or reports regarding previous versions, the incident report method must be used (


GeneXus 16 upgrade 10 is being prepared, and the information (link to download, status information, etc) corresponding to the preview channel can be found at GeneXus 16 upgrade 10

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