UpdateExpiredSessionLog Method

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GeneXusSecurity.GAM.UpdateExpiredSessionLog(&GAMProcessSessionLogFilter, &Errors): Boolean


Despite being expired (after their session timeout), the status of some sessions stays active in the database because they weren't used again since the session expiry.
In such case, using GAMRepository.GetSessionLogs() will return more active (or expired) sessions than the actual number.

The UpdateExpiredSessionLog method updates session status to "Expired" for those active, when in fact they should be expired.
It receives a variable as parameter that is based on the GAMProcessSessionLogFilter external object.
It returns a boolean, true if  the change was made correctly, or false if it wasn't. Note that the developer must do the Commit.
When the method's execution indicates error, then it can be handled by the method's second parameter, which is based on GAMError collection data type.

This optimizes the use of the GAMRepository.GetSessionLogs() method, with more accurate results.


&GAMProcessSessionLogFilter = new()
&isOK = GeneXusSecurity.GAM.UpdateExpiredSessionLog(&GAMProcessSessionLogFilter, &Errors)
If &isOK



This method is available as of GeneXus 16 Upgrade 7.