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Applications that use GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) can generate trace information in order to help while troubleshooting.

The administrator user of the GAM Application can configure the Repository settings to generate trace information about the execution of the GAM libraries.

How to enable the trace

When running the GAM Backoffice, the Repository settings can be edited, and the Enable Tracing option can be configured to generate debug information:

GAM: Generate Trace information

When the GAM API is used, the code to start generating traces in a given repository is as follows:

&Repository.EnableTracing = &EnableTracing //Repository is GAMRepository data type. &EnableTracing is based on GAMTracing domain.

The tracing information is added to the standard output. 

For the Java Generator, it can be found in Tomcat's stdout log file (it depends on the standard output of the servlets server).

For the .NET Generator, the following property has to be configured:

  • Log Level >= 4 (Info)
    The trace location depends on the following properties:
  • Log Output
  • Log File

For the Ruby generator, the trace information is added to the standard output.


As of GeneXus Evolution 3 upgrade 1 and GeneXus Evolution 2 upgrade 7.

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