My first SD application with integrated security enabled

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Want to have a login automatically in your SD application?

Here you have an easy guide for your first application using GAM, and the default credentials to enter the application for prototyping.

Step 0. Scope

This tutorial shows how it works in Sql Server and Android. It is recommended to read this paper before this one: My first Android application.

Step 1. Set the Enable Integrated Security property

Create a new KB. Then set the Enable Integrated Security Property = True.

GAM getting started 1

Step 2. Create your basic device application

Create a transaction Transaction1 and apply the Work With Devices Pattern.

Create a dashboard Menu and add the workwithdevicestransaction1 as an item to it.

Step 3. Run it!

Just press F5.

Step 4. Set your database connection properties

GAM getting started 5

Ready! Here is your login.

GAM getting started 3

Change admin password

Run the web application -> developer menu -> login with admin - admin123 -> change password.

GAM getting started change passwd


NOTE (only for GeneXus X Evolution 2): If you only want to have a WEB application (not a SD applications), you need to delete the SD generator environment which is created automatically when Enable Integrated Security Property is set to TRUE.