My first SD application with integrated security enabledOfficial Content

Want to have a login automatically in your SD application? Just follow these few steps:

Step 0. Scope

This tutorial shows how it works in Ruby, Sql Server and Android. It is recommended to read this paper before this one: My first Android application.

Step 1. Set the Enable Integrated Security property

Create a new Xev2 KB, using Ruby as Environment. Then set the Enable Integrated Security Property = True.

GAM getting started 1

Step 2. Create your basic device application

Create a transaction Transaction1 and apply the Work With Devices Pattern.

Create a dashboard Menu and add the workwithdevicestransaction1 as an item to it.

Step 3. Run it!

Just press F5.

Step 4. Set your database connection properties

GAM getting started 5

Ready! Here is your login.

GAM getting started 3

Change admin password

Run the web application -> developer menu -> login with admin - admin123 -> change password.

GAM getting started change passwd


NOTE (only for GeneXus X Evolution 2): If you only want to have a WEB application (not a SD applications), you need to delete the SD generator environment which is created automatically when Enable Integrated Security Property is set to TRUE.