HowTo: Using SD Leaves Control for Smart Devices

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Scope: for the time being this control is only available for iOS

Deprecated since GeneXus X Evolution 3

SD Leaves control is a cool and dynamic way to visualize a list of elements. The use of this control aims to get a better Look & Feel for your application. The effect this control pursuits is like turning a page of a book. Follow the next steps for implementing an example.

1: Create the following transaction (representing the main information a Real Estate needs about the properties (houses and appartments) it hadles), and add some registers to the data base.

Property Transaction

2. Apply the Work With for Smart Devices to the transaction and customize the List node as you want. 

WWSD Property TRN List

3. In the List node on the Grid properties set the control type = SDLeaves.


Done! See, picture by picture, how the page showing Green Tree real estate property is slowly changed by the next property, Magnolia, with the effect of turning a page of a book.

SD Leaves - runtime example iOS

Depending on te orientation of your device you can see two pages or one page.


Start Video Work With for Smart Devices – General Aspects and List layout
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