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Prompt (or Selection Lists) is a Web Panel object or Work Panel object or Panel object object automatically created for each Transaction's primary key and foreign keys that allows you to view, search and select a record. A Prompt created for a Transaction's primary key is also called Autoprompt. 

Note: This is just a terminology difference since they are the same objects reused as prompt or autoprompt, depending on whether we invoke them, respectively, for a foreign or a primary key.

A Prompt created and maintained by GeneXus is also called System Prompt; once it is saved by the user it is called User Prompt.

When the generated application is running, the Autoprompt is called using the Select Button and the Prompt is called by a button or icon automatically placed aside the foreign key corresponding attribute.

The object corresponding to a Prompt is displayed and available at Folder View and it is automatically maintained by GeneXus when the data model is changed. User can change the object corresponding to a Prompt, but after saving the changes, GeneXus will not maintain it anymore and the user will be responsible for maintaining the object. The object corresponding to a Prompt changed by the user can be maintained by GeneXus again by deleting it and doing a Build All. 

Criteria for generating prompt grids: Attributes, according to their order in the correlative table, are being included (in the same order) while not exceeding the maximum width.

  1. In Win or SD, the maximum grid width is 68 characters.
  2. Only the attributes up to <= grid width long are considered.
  3. LongVarChar data type attributes are not considered.

About Filters: no more than 6 filters are generated.


As for Smart Devices, Prompt objects are available as from X Evolution 2 Upgrade 3.


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