KillSession method

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GAMSessionLog.KillSession(in:GAMSessionToken, out: GAMError Collection) : Boolean


This method receives as a parameter a variable based on GAMSessionToken domain, which identifies the session that is to be killed.

The final status of the killed session is Finished.

It returns true or false depending on the success of the execution, and the errors can be handled using the second parameter of the method which is based on GAMError collection data type.


&Isok = GAMSessionLog.KillSession(&GAMSessionToken, &Errors)
if &isOK
//Process errors


As explained before, in order to use all these methods, setting Generate Session Statistics GAMRepository property to Minimum or Detail is required. When the value is Minimum only the information for non-anonymous users can be retrieved. In order to handle the session information for both anonymous and non-anonymous users, you need to set Generate Sessions Statistics GAMRepository property to Detail value.