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Requirements vary if you want to prototype using Knowledge Base Navigator or compile your app.

Requirements when using Knowledge Base Navigator

No special requirements are needed when using a device with the Knowledge Base Navigator to prototype.

If you want to use F5 (Run) from GeneXus IDE, you will have to register your devices using the GeneXus Account (Associated Smart Devices tab in the account configuration) from the device.

Requirements for compiling your app

Necessary components are available on the Apple Developer website.

GeneXus 18 or higher users
Component Required Recommended Comments
OS macOS Monterey (12.0 or later) macOS Monterey (12.5 or later) Note that macOS Monterey is only compatible with Xcode 13.x
Xcode 13.3 14.0.1 Includes Swift 5.6
iOS SDK 15.4 16 Included with Xcode
watchOS SDK 8.5 9.0 Included with Xcode
tvOS SDK 15.4 16.0 Included with Xcode
SSH - - Enable SSH access on your Mac computer
CocoaPods 1.11.0 Latest released

Execute this command in your Mac's terminal: 

For Intel-based Macs:
sudo gem install cocoapods
For Apple Silicon-based Macs:
brew install cocoapods


iOS-Deploy 1.11.2 Latest released This is only required if you use Execution type = "iOS Device (Mac)". Check SAC#43850

Supported OS versions by the generated applications

  • To run compiled applications, devices with iOS 12 or higher are required.
  • To run the Knowledge Base Navigator, devices with iOS 10 or higher are required.
  • There is no "maximum" OS version supported for a given GeneXus upgrade. Generated applications will still function in OS versions released after the release of the GeneXus upgrade. However, new features of these newer OS versions will require a new GeneXus upgrade release to be fully supported.


  • In the requirement tables, the "-" symbol means there is no recommendation or requirement in particular for that component.
  • After installing Xcode:
    • open it. Xcode usually installs additional components while opening it for the first time
      • If you do not this you may get compilation errors
    • check that Xcode -> Preferences -> Locations -> Derived Data -> Advanced -> Build locations is not set to "Legacy"
  • For KBs compiled with previous GeneXus (and Xcode) versions, before compiling, it is recommended doing the following:
    • Delete the content of ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData (for each user of the mac that is about to compile code)
    • Delete the folder “build” that is in ~/Documents/Projects/<KB_NAME>/<ENVIRONMET_NAME>/<MAIN_NAME>
  • GeneXus is not compatible with Ruby Version Manager (RVM).SAC #46543
  • Solutions for the case that a 404 or 500.19 error occurs

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