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GeneXus Access Manager platforms are a set of external executable files and libraries (.jar, .rb. and .dll files) which implement GAM and all the GAM API.

The GAM external objects consolidated in the KB when GAM is activated (Enable Integrated Security property is set to TRUE) allow accessing the GAM API. The mentioned external libraries implement the GAM API. Those libraries are dependent on the platform used (SQL Server, Mysql, etc) and are required for using GAM at compile and execution time.

The GAM platforms are also needed during the F5 process: connecting to GAM database, GAM tables creation, GAM metadata initialization, GAM Applications Registration process and the generation of GAM - Automatic Permissions generated by GeneXus.

GAM Requirements

Prototyping time

There are requirements that must be met by the Genexus applications to be successfully compiled. One of them is to reference the appropriate GAM platform libraries depending on the generator and DBMS used.

  • In the case of Java applications, at compile time you need to specify in the Java Classpath property all the .jar files belonging to the corresponding platform.
  • The same for NET applications in which case you need to specify the Compiler flags property = /r:bin\Artech.Security.API.Common.dll.
  • In the case of .NET and MySQL, the MySQL driver (dlls) has to be copied in the GeneXus installation under the GAM platform (NetMySQL), or under C:\Windows\System32.


In runtime, the GAM platform libraries need to be located in the web application.

  • In the case of Java, they must be located under the lib directory of the web app.
  • In the case of .NET generator, they have to be located in the bin directory under the web application directory.

Database Requirements

DBMS Versions Other
DB2 Universal Database 8.0 or higher The database must be created with codeset UTF-8 (USING CODESET UTF-8 in the Create Database sentence)
DB2 for iSeries V5R4 or higher  
SQL Server 2008 or higher  
MySQL 5.0.3 or higher Do not set lower_case_table_names to value '2'.
Do not set init-connect='SET NAMES utf8'.
Oracle 9.x or higher  
PostgreSQL 8.1 or higher  
SAP Hana DB 1.0 or higher  
Informix 11.x or higher  
Dameng 8.x or higher Supported since GeneXus 17 Upgrade 11 for the Java generator.

GAM platforms flavors

The GAM platforms are distributed for all the possible combinations: Mysql, SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, DB2 UDB, DB2 iSeries, and Postgresql for Java and NET generators.

By default, when Genexus is installed only two of these platforms are installed: SQL Server and Mysql. These are named the standard GAM platforms.

Using a non-standard GAM platform

If you want to use a DBMS other than SQL Server or Mysql, the GAM platform corresponding to this DBMS needs to be installed using the gamplatforms.exe setup located under the GeneXus installation folder Library\GAM\Setup.

The gamplatforms.exe is a setup that detects any other previous versions and suggests installing the new upgrade or build of the platforms.

Working in Genexus IDE, when you change the GAM data store and there is no platform installed for it, the gamplatforms.exe setup launches automatically in order to help the user to install the required platform.


Important Note:

You need to keep updated with the GAM platforms version. When installing a new Genexus upgrade or version it is mandatory to update the GAM platform for the upgrade or GeneXus version. This is automatically controlled in the GeneXus setup where you are asked to upgrade the GAM platforms which are already installed.

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