Ads (Advertising)Unofficial Content

An activity of marketing and promotion; drawing attention to (generally to sell goods or services).

In GeneXus, the use of Ads is enabled with the Enable Ads property at the main object level (App Smart Devices).
Also, it is possible to select its provider through Ads Provider property ("none" value by default).

MainProp - GeneXus 15  

After setting these properties, the ads may be displayed in two ways:

  1. Setting Appearance properties
    - Show Ads: Boolean value to indicate if the current panel shows ads or not
    - Ads Position: Enumerate values to indicate if the ads will be shown on the top or bottom of the current panel (only when Show Ads = True).
  2. Using a SD Ads View control that the developer can drag from the toolbox and position it in any section of the layout.

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