HowTo: Configuring the 'I forgot my password' option

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This article explains how to configure the option 'I forgot my password' in GeneXus Server.


1. Open the web.config file located in C:<GeneXus_Server_directory>\vdir

2. Add the following entries to the 'appSettings' node:

<add key="senderaddress" value="" />
<add key="smtpauthentication" value="" />
<add key="smtpsecure" value="" />
<add key="smtpuser" value="" />
<add key="smtppassword" value="" />
<add key="smtphost" value="" />
<add key="smtpport" value="" />


  • 'senderaddress' is the email address from where the password change email will be sent to the users (for example "").
  • 'smtpauthentication' is either 1 or 0 and determines whether the given 'senderaddress' requires authentication (i.e requires a user and password).

If the 'smtpauthentication' entry value is 1, then:

  • 'smtpuser' determines the user used to log in to the email address given in the 'senderaddress' entry.
  • 'smtppassword' determines the password for the user given in the 'smtpuser' entry.
  • 'smtphost' is the IP address of the smtp server.
  • 'smtpport' is the port number of the smtp server. The default value is 25.
  • 'smtpsecure' is either 0 or 1 and determines if the SMTP server requires SSL/TLS.1

3. Restart the Application Pool of the GeneXus Server instance.

4. Done! 



1smtpsecure key is available since GeneXus 16 upgrade 10.