HowTo: Create a GXquery metadata in GeneXus

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This article shows you the steps to create a GXquery metadata in GeneXus.

1. Install the GXquery extension

See: Install GXquery extension

2. Create a GXquery metadata

Execute GeneXus, and select the following option offered in the GeneXus menu: Tools > GXquery > Create metadata

Tools-GXquery-Create metadata

The following dialog will be displayed:

GXquery4 - Create metadata dialog

  • URL: Enter the GXquery Web URL.
  • Name: The new metadata, named with the KB name, will be created in GXquery Web.
  • Repository: You can select the repository where the new metadata will be created on the defined GXquery instance.
  • User: You have to select the option "Connect to GXquery" and enter the administrator user of the GXquery installation to connect to it. Administrator is the default value.
  • Password: Enter the administrator password. administrator123 is the default value.
Note: The user depends on the GXquery's administration policies.

You will see the information of the metadata creation in the GeneXus Output:

GXquery 40 ImpactOutput

Note: The metadata creation generates a GXqueryExport.log in the Knowledge Base directory.

3. Now, you are ready to create your queries in GXquery Web.

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