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This chapter describes the steps to install GXquery 4.0. Note that you must have Administrator rights to execute the installation.

Before the installation, check the GXquery 4.0 Requirements. Please, make sure your computer matches them and then run the setup program that will guide you through the rest of the installation.

You can download GXquery 4.0 from here.


Below are detailed instructions for the installation process:

  1. Run GXquery 4.0 Installer.
  2. Register your name and company name in the dialog box displayed after the Welcome windows and License Agreement.
  3. Optionally you can change the product install path in the dialog box that is displayed. The default directory is c:\GXquery40. NOTE: You must not select a directory used by another GXquery version or a directory inside c:\Program Files
  4. A prerequisites check will be performed. In case that one of the following products is not detected in the destination machine, a dialog will be displayed indicating the missing prerequisites. If no local instance of SQL Server is detected, you can continue installing GXquery 4.0 by selecting a SQL Server network instance.
  5. Once the installation is complete you can open the product or Finish Setup.


One administrator user called administrator is provided to start using GXquery. At first, this user is enough to manage the GXquery environment because it allows you to manage the metadata since its creation. This user also handles GXquery’s security features, and with it you can create new users and roles.

User: administrator
Password: administrator123

For further information about default user management, read GXquery administration policies.

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