GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 5

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This article is an overview of GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 5 new features and what needs to be taken into account in order to adopt it.

Main features

This Upgrade includes new features such as server paging on Pivot tables queries giving an incredible performance improvement. New Extension and API for GeneXus 15, and much more.


New features

  • Server paging for Pivot tables queries giving huge performance improvements. For more information see SAC#38451
  • New extension for GeneXus 15.
  • New API for GeneXus 15.
  • Italian translation of GAM login error messages.
  • Supertype substituted automatically by Subtype when misplaced in a query.


  • Performance improvement: metadata tab loads information faster.
  • Repair metadata is now a background process, allowing you to keep working while the process is running.
  • Performance improvements: Subtype Group process.
  • Ascending and Descending order works correctly. For more information see SAC#38430
  • Filter attributes on Pivot Table work correctly. For more information see SAC#38433
  • Drill down works properly on Table queries. For more information see SAC#38230
  • Performance improvements in the query editor and in the queries tree.
  • Proper message for invalid User o Password. For more information see SAC#38363
  • Scroll bar available when the among of attributes is greater than the one supported by the DropSector. For more information see SAC#38180
  • Option Hide subtotals work correctly. For more information see SAC#38432