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The Start menu is located in the lower left corner of the console and groups GXquery's management tasks.

GXquery4 - Start menú

Some of these tasks imply displaying its properties in the panel located on the right side of the console.

GXquery4 - User preferences icon User Preferences

GXquery4 - User preferences

It allows customizing the console environment as well as the queries.

Show queries and attributes by Description. It shows the attribute labels and queries according to their description.
Name. It shows the attribute labels and queries according to their name.
Language It displays the interface using the indicated value: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
Query edition  
Update related attributes while editing No. It shows all attributes in the attribute panel. This is the default value..
Yes. When the first attribute is inserted in a query, the attribute tree shows only the attributes related to it.
Paging It indicates whether or not all queries will have paging by default.
Page size It sets the default number of lines for all queries when the paging property is set to Yes.


GXquery4 - Change password icon  Change password

With this option, the user can change his/her password.

For more information, read Changing password.

GXquery4 - Security icon  Security

This group allows setting appropriate security measures over the privileges and restrictions of GXquery users.


This task allows creating/deleting users, as well as assigning/removing roles and/or permissions over attributes.

For more information, read Working with users.


This task allows creating and deleting roles, as well as granting or removing permissions over attributes.

For more information, read Working with roles.

GXquery4 - Import queries icon  Import queries

This task allows incorporating queries both from another GXquery installation as well as from a GeneXus development KB.

For more information, read Importing Queries from GXquery.

GXquery4 - Export queries icon  Export queries

This task allows exporting queries to another GXquery installation and to a KB.

For more information, read Exporting Queries from GXquery.

GXquery4 - UDA icon  User defined attributes

We can create our own secondary attributes involving other attributes in the data model by means of horizontal or aggregation formulas.

For more information, read User Defined Attributes (UDA).

GXquery4 - Metadatas icon  Metadatas

This task allows managing the metadata contained in the active repository. It can only be performed by the metadata administrator user.

For more information, read GXquery 4.0 Metadatas management.

GXquery4 - Settings icon  Settings

GXquery4 - Settings

This option groups the tasks that allow setting the tool’s management policy features and its security data source.

Enable multiple repositories

It allows enabling or disabling multi-tenant management. The default value is No.

For further information see administration policies.

Use external security

It allows using a GAM other than the one created in the GXquery installation. The default value is No. When the value is changed to Yes, a dialog box is displayed to prompt for information required to connect with another GAM.

For further information see HowTo: Use external GAM with GXquery.

GXquery4 - Security icon Licenses

This task allows to take the control of the GXquery's licenses.

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