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This article is an overview of GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 4new features and what needs to be taken into account in order to adopt it.

Main features

This Upgrade contains new key features such as server paging, giving huge performance improvements on Queries with hundreds, thousands or millons and even millions of records. Create metadatas from Knowledge Bases with Modules, and much more.


New features

  • New "Edit" option on Queries contextual menu to edit the Query without executing it.
  • Check for external users on the ".export" file before the metadata import process begins.
  • New dialog to edit data store properties on metadatas.
  • GXquery 4.0 add-in for Excel now support formulas on pivots and tables.
  • Conditional formatting interpreted on GXquery 4.0 add-in for Excel.
  • Server paging for Table Queries giving huge performance improvements.
  • Create metadatas from Knowledge Bases with Modules.
  • Disable "External authentication" if "Use External GAM" is enabled.
  • New button "Delete" to delete de result of a Query on the GXquery add-in for Excel.
  • New textbox to show Query filters on GXquery add-in for Excel.


  • Attribute tree works correctly on UDAs and Permissions definitions. For more information see SAC#37298
  • IdentityImpersonate = false on GXquery 4.0 web.config. For more information see SAC#37302
  • Improvements on RepairMetadata. For more information see SAC#37320
  • Disable cancel button after the first click when loading a Query on GXquery 4.0 add-in for Excel.
  • Improvements on Filters, Query Elements and UDAs editor. For more information see SAC#37323
  • Import metadata checks for external users before import process begins.
  • Update metadata from GeneXus extension do not causes UDAs deletion. For more information see SAC#37349
  • Improvements on filters and UDAs editor intellisense. For more information see SAC#37358
  • Close session after closing the browser windows or tab. For more information see SAC#37361
  • Minor user interface and user experience improvements.
  • Use External GAM works correctly. For more information see SAC#37525
  • Login to Multiple-Repositories when the property is set to false fixed. For more information see SAC#37582
  • Repository not found or Access token not found on GXquery 4.0 SD app. For more information see SAC#37685


  • The "Open" button on the GXquery 4.0 is now named "Execute" 
  • Repositories cannot be renamed
  • The new GXquery 4.0 application for smart devices is no longer compatible with GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 3!
    If you want to back up your applications follow the steps details on this document: HowTo: Back up and Restore an iOS Application using iTunes.
    The .apk for android is available on our download center (here).



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