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Working with GXquery and Informix, needs some special configurations in order for GXquery to work correctly.  

Step 1: Install a 32-bit Informix client and configure it

First you need to add the line "turbo2 9088/tcp" in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\services. After that, run the Setnet32 utility that comes with Informix Client SDK, then go to the "Server Information" tab, and set server data. For example, if the server is ifx11: 

  • IBM informix server: demo_on 
  • Hostname: ifx11 
  • ProtocolName: olsoctcp 
  • Service name: TURBO2

Infomix and GXquery step 1

Then configure on the Environment tab, the DBMONEY variable with "DBMONEY = ,".

Informix configuration

Note: After that you must recycle the application pool.

Step 2: Configure connection information on GXquery

On GXquery, select the metadata which uses Informix DBMS, then go to Data strore properties and remove Additional connection string attributes.

Infomix and GXquery step 3

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