Importing Queries from GXquery

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GXquery enables you to import queries created both in another GXquery installation and in a GeneXus development KB.

The steps required to make an import are detailed below.

Step 1

Select the TravelAgency metadata in the Metadata combo box and press Change.

Choosing Metadata

Step 2

In the "Start menu" select the Import queries option; the following screen will be displayed.

GXquery4 - Import queries empty

Click on the Browse button.

Step 3

The following dialog box will be displayed. It will enable you to select the file with .xpz extension containing the queries to be imported.

GXquery4 - Importing queries Uploading file

Click on the Browse button again.

Step 4

Select the file to import and accept it. Next, you will see the list of queries included in the file, as shown below.

GXquery4 - Selecting import queries

To the left of each query, there is a check box to indicate GXquery whether or not this query will be imported. Use the "Select/unselect all" button to select or clear them all.

Step 5

After the selection has been made, click on the Import button.

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