GXquery 4.0 Architecture

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This version incorporates the following architecture changes, among others:

KB Ev2 Access is no longer the Metadata database used. Now it is a GeneXus KB, that is to say, SQLServer. Its main advantages include greater scalability (SQLServer works better with large databases), improved performance and integration between the development and production environments (since the query is a GeneXus object, transferring it between both environments is easy).
Logo NET GXquery 4.0 is completely written using GeneXus X Evolution 2 and generated in .Net. This implies, among other things, the possibility of using User Controls to achieve what we want, as well as Ajax with no need to redraw the screen every time we access the server.
SQL Sentences A SQL sentence engine gives more expressive power to queries through a series of features such as functions (Concat, Substr and others), methods (ToString(), ToNumeric() and others), inline formulas and conditional filters using the WHEN clause. In addition, it is possible to use collection type parameters, Max() and Min() aggregations, enumerated domains and more.

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