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GXquery App is an application that enables users to access their queries created with the GXquery web interface and run them anywhere using their smart devices. 

Analyze your information at a glance by simply observing your graphs and customized reports.

For more information about GXquery, please refer to GXquery

How to download the app

This App is available for download at the Apple Market and Google Play Store.

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  • This App is only intended for accessing queries, not for administration nor query creation.
  • The last version of this App will always support the current version of GXquery. However, this doesn't mean that this version of the App supports older versions of GXquery (this is because some versions of GXquery have incompatibilities with older versions of itself).

For example, if you are working in a GXquery local installation (not the last version of GXquery) and the App points to this instance, and you change the App version to a newer one, this version can, or not, work properly with your GXquery installation, but it will always work with the last version of GXquery.

To achieve more flexibility, you can create your own application by using GXquery SD KB template.

GXquery SD in action!

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Compatible versions

GXquery Upgrade App version
U3 1.10
U4 or higher 1.11

See also

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