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This article is an overview of GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 7 new features and what needs to be taken into account to adopt it.

Main features

The compatibility between GeneXus 15 and GXquery 4.0 instances, when using GXquery's API, is the outstanding feature of this new GXquery 4.0 Upgrade. 


28/3/2017 - GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 7 has been released! (build 621)


New features

  • GXquery's API is now available for GeneXus 15 instances. For more information, please refer to SAC#40862


  • GXquery SD application works correctly when referring to a GXquery installation. For more related information, please refer to SAC#40271
  • SQL Server server field, present in GXquery console under Metadata's properties menu, character's limit has been modified. See SAC#39711 for further details.


There are no known compatibility issues to take into account when updating from GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 6


Details can be found at,0,,0;5;4.0;6;7;;



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