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There are a lot of expressions to work with dates in GXquery. Check the links below to know more about this expressions.

Expression Purpose Example
AddMth To add a specific number of months to a given date. AddMth(&Date,&Month)
AddYr Adds a given number of years to a given date. AddYr(&FromDate,1)
EoM To return the last date of the month in the given date parameter. EoM(&Today())
YMDHMStoT Returns a DateTime value representing the date and time received as parameters. YMDHMStoT(&Year,&Month,&Day,&HH,&MM,&SS)
YMDtoD To return a date from three given numbers: year, month and day. YMDtoD(&YY, &MM, &DD)
Age To calculate the difference, in years, between two date expressions. Age(&Today)
Day To extract the number that indicates the day in a given date. Day(&Date)
DoW To return the number (1...7) of the day of the week. This number is associated with a day of the week (Sunday = 1). DoW(&Date)
Hour To return a numeric value representing the time in 24-hour format. Hour(&DateTime)
Minute To return a numeric value representing the minutes of a datetime argument. Minute(&DateTime)
Month To return the numeric month identifier in a given date. Month(&Date | &DateTime)
Second To return a numeric value representing the seconds in a datetime argument. Second(&DateTime)
Year To return the year number in a given date. Year(&Date | &DateTime)
CMonth Returns the name of the month for the given date. CMonth(&Date | &DateTime)
CDoW Returns the weekday for a given date. CDoW(&Date | &DateTime)

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