GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 9

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This article is an overview of GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 9 improvements and what needs to be taken into account to adopt it.

It has been released on May 27th, 2020.


Upgrade 9 is an overall technology and security update. It ships a new UI control for uploading metadata also has new software requirements related to the technology update. Flash is not more required in the browsers.


Details can be found at https://www.genexus.com/en/developers/rn?data=0;5;4.0;9;4.0;8


Compatibility and Requirement changes

  • A completely new installation is required, so follow the installation steps described below
  • Among other software requirement changes, .NET framework 4.7.1 is required. More information at GXquery 4.0 Requirements
  • GXquery API is only available for GeneXus 15 or higher

Installation Steps 

  1. Check GXquery 4.0 Requirements
  2. Install GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 9 in a new virtual directory (pointing to a new database), following GXquery 4.0 Installation Manual
  3. Go to your GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 8 or prior installations 
    1. Export the metadatas
    2. Uninstall licenses
  4. Go to your GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 9 installation
    1. Request new licenses
    2. Import the metadatas

Note: To keep using GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 8 or prior installations for a period of time, you must ask for extra temporary licenses sending an email to keys@genexus.com