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This is part of the GXquery 4.0 Lab and should be done after Exercise 3.

In this exercise we will create a graphic that shows flight ticket sales in money for each country. Tickets have two prices, standard and final, the latter resulting from applying a discount to the former. The result should be similar to the one shown in the figure below.

GXquery4 - SalesByCountry in run-time

Step 1

To create a Chart type graphic, click on the New query link on the Shortcuts panel (or on the New chart link if you are on the Start page tab), and then select the Bar icon.

GXquery 4 - Choosing Bar

Step 2

Next, you will see the dialogue window you already know.

GXquery4 - New query dialog

In the Name cell, write SalesPerCountry (without spaces) as the name of the query and press the OK button.

Next, you will see a screen divided into areas that contain labels. It is the Bar type Chart but in editing status.

GXquery4 - SalesByCountry edit empty

Step 3

1. Open the node of the Flight folder on the Attributes panel.

2. Drag and drop the Price and Final Price attributes in the series sector (it says “Drop series attributes here” inside).

3. Drag and drop the Flight Departure Country Name attribute in the categories area (it says “Drop categories attributes here”).

The image should be similar to the one below.

GXquery4 - SalesByCountry edit with atts

4. Click View to see what the graphic looks like.

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