GXquery 4.0 Preferences

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This section allow you modify specific properties that apply to the user interface.

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The properties you can change in GXquery 4.0 are the following:

Section  Property Values Description
General Show queries and attributes by Name/Description Allow change the visualization of the queries and attributes in the UI.
You can select by Name or by Description.

Portuguese/Simplified Chinese/
Spanish/Traditional Chinese

Allow change the language of the UI.
Query edition Update related attributes while editing Yes/No Allow set if you want to see the related attributes while you edit a Query.
If the value is Yes, when a Query is editted, the attributes that are not present in the base table/extended table of the Query will not be showed in the list of attributes.
Paging Yes/No Allow set paging in the queries.
Page size Numeric (default 30) Allow set page size of the queries.

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