Configuring GXquery app for Smart Devices to a local installation

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This article explains the configuration and connection of GXquery for Smart Devices.

iOS example

iOS iPad capture of GXquery URL default

Android 2.x example                                                                  

SC20131220-110720   GXquery4 - Queries list from Android 2x    

Android 4.x example

GXquery4 - Queries list from Android 4x

How connect the application to a local GXquery

Once the GXquery was installed, go to settings, search the GXquery app; and you will see an URL like this one:

Replace this URL for the base URL pointing at your GXquery installation. It may be similar to http://yourserverdomain/GXquery40SD.

Check that the URL ends with "SD". Furthermore, It is always preferable to use the IP instead of the domain to avoid problems with a DNS.

Btw is the URL to set if you want to test with GXquery 4.0 Sandbox.


When the GXquery is installed, a virtual website is created, by default, under the name of GXquery40sd, which you can be renamed differently.

Compatible versions

GXquery setup Android iOS
296 or higher 1.0.x 1.3


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