The Repository concept

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Repositories are basically containers residing in the GeneXus Access Manager system, better known under the acronym GAM.

They contain data on users, roles and user permits on the attributes stored in metadatas and roles, in addition to the fact that they are used to authenticate.

It is important to bear in mind the following premises:

  • The relation between repositories and metadatas is 1-N.
  • Metadatas associated with a repository are not contained in any other one within the GXquery installation, this being an exclusive feature.
  • Users needing to access the metadatas of other repositories must be created in these repositories.


A company comprises three sections, namely: Sales, Acquisitions and Administration. Each section has its own repository with its own queries, and there are no crossing access to information, meaning that the employees from the Sales section may not access queries of either the Acquisitions or the Administrative sections, and vice versa.

The Finance Manager must have access to queries in the three sections, though this cannot be done from a repository. To solve this, each repository’s manager must register the Finance Manager in each one of the three repositories.

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