HowTo: Exporting a metadata in GXquery

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Just like Queries, metadata can also be exported and later imported into another GXquery installation or even a GeneXus development KB.

Step 1

Select the Metadata option from the Start menu.

GXquery4 - Start menu Metadatas option

Next, you will see a screen similar to the one shown below.

GXquery4 - Metadatas window

Step 2

Select the metadata to export; for instance, TravelAgency. Note that after this action has been performed, the Stop button is enabled. Click on it to stop the selected metadata; this is indicated in the icon to the left of its name.

GXquery4 - Metadatas window with metadata stopped

Step 3

Select the TravelAgency metadata once again to enable the Export button. Click on it and the following notice will be displayed.

Gxquery4 - Metada export warning

Finally, click OK button and the "Save as" dialog will prompt.

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