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When integrating GXquery 4.0 on our GeneXus applications, one possible solution is to use the URL of a GXquery 4.0 instance.

URL parameters

The information needed as parameters of the URL is the following:

  • Repository name (unencrypted, accepts empty if there are no multiple repositories or we want to connect to the default repository)
  • GXquery 4.0 User (encrypted)
  • GXquery 4.0 Password (encrypted)

The URL will look as follows: http://<Host>/<BaseURL>/login.aspx?<Repository>,<GXquery User>,<GXquery Password>


For example, we can call it on a web panel as shown below:

Event 'CallGXquery'
     &URLHttp = 'http://localhost/GXqueryDemo/login.aspx?'
     &Encryptionkey = 'b2aff1f14433431fc96e96d7ec6013cb'
     &GXqueryUser = Encrypt64('Administrator',&Encryptionkey)
     &GXqueryPassword = Encrypt64('administrator123',&Encryptionkey)
     &Repository = 'Repository1'

The URL will look as follows: http://localhost/GXqueryDemo/login.aspx?Repository1,os7bdYRj+MrVVSmBFuVEbA==,+z8sL5I72oM/YwTB24ad+w==

Encryption Key

To encrypt the GXquery 4.0 User and Password we need to use the Encrypt64 Function of GeneXus, using the encryption key from the repository on GXquery as a parameter:

Encryption pass

Note: The possible values of the encryption key are given by the GetEncryptionKey Function of GeneXus.


This feature is available as of GXquery 4.0 Upgrade 2.

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