Exporting Queries from GXquery

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There is the possibility of exporting queries from GXquery towards other GXquery installations, and even to a GeneXus Knowledge Base to be included as knowledge.

The steps to achieve this are detailed below.

Step 1

Select the TravelAgency metadata in the Metadata combo box and press Change.

Choosing Metadata

Step 2

From the Start menu select the Export queries option and you will see the following image on screen.

Exporting Queries empty window

Step 3

Press the Insert button for GXquery to display a list of all queries contained in the Metadata. Select the first four, as shown.

GXquery4 - Choosing Query to Export

Press the OK button to confirm the selection and you will see the screen from Step 2 as follows:

Gxquery4 - Exporting Queries window with Queries

Step 4

Press the Export button and GXquery will request that you confirm a route and a name for the export file.

After this step you are ready to import queries.

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