Process Definition

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Through this application process administrator users can visualize and control the process definitions existing in the system.

The following figure shows the Process Definition application interface:


The following sections describe the different components making up this application.

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  • Enable: it allows enabling definitions that are currently disabled. Each process definition may have only one of its versions active, all the time. This implies that when a process definition version is enabled, the previously active version (if any) will be automatically disabled.
  • Disable: it allows disabling process definitions. This implies that the users will not be able to create new processes of the disabled definitions. The processes that were created before the corresponding process definition was disabled are not affected in any aspect.

Process Definition Grid


status_wkf(status): Indicates if the process definition is enable.

Id: Process Definition Id

Name: Process definition name.

Version: Process definition version number.

State: Process definition current state.

The possible statuses of a process definition are the following:
• Enabled: creating new processes based on the definition is possible.
• Disabled: creating new processes based on the definition is not possible.

Created: Process definition creation date.

Updated: Date of the last process definition update.